Sunday, July 27, 2014

True Worship is a Group Thing

On more than one occasion, I’ve heard that “I can worship God anywhere.”  That might be somewhat true, but…..More often this is an excuse used to not attend worship in church. 

When (or in some cases – if) you get to heaven, do you think you will be allowed to worship out on your own?

I always believed that it is important that believers gather together for worship.  Recently, a lesson was presented that really defined why worship is important as gathered believers.  I want to share what those reasons – with, hopefully, approval of Thad Ford who made the presentation.

Group worship begins with the concept that we gather together to worship God – not ourselves.  Gathering together is not what we gain through feelings, but giving to God praise to Him through the teaching of His Word and song.

Gathering together in worship is more than just teaching and singing.  Here is where I knew these other activities were important aspects of the church, but failed to tie them together with worship.

Preaching and teaching – involves the expository explanation of the author’s instructions to us from God. The Word moves us to better understand ourselves, our relationship with God, and our relationships with others. Worship here is the recognition of absolute perfection of God and His Word.

Reading scripture


Baptism and communion


Receiving and distributing gifts

Singing of songs


Public confession of the faith

Salutations with a holy kiss

Response to praise and prayer with the saying of “Amen”

Church discipline

Sending, supporting, and receiving reports about missions work

Use of spiritual gifts

“God in His great wisdom has given clear principles to guide the corporate worship of His people”

Where were you when the body gathered together in worship?

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